Regarding future support plans and malfunctions

「NJPW WORLD」をご覧いただき、誠にありがとうございます。



●旧NJPW WORLDにおいて、公開されていたアーカイブ映像の追加

「NJPW WORLD」をご覧いただき、誠にありがとうございます。



<AndroidTV、Fire TVアプリ>


●一部のお客様で認証コードが表示されない現象が確認されております。 ●旧「NJPW WORLD」から継続してご利用のお客様について、[設定]⇒[マイアカウント]⇒[サブスクリプションの管理]で表示される金額が¥1,298となっております。こちらは次回の更新の際に請求される決済金額の表示となっております。リニューアル後、最初の更新が発生するまでに、月額見放題プランを解約されない場合は¥1,298が請求されます。

<iOS・iPad OS・Androidモバイルアプリ>

・キーボード上に候補( 例えばq quick … )が表示されている場合、カーソルがダイアログ上の Cancel/OKボタンに移動できない。


Thank you for watching [NJPW WORLD].

Informtaion regarding future support.

Future support

●Offline playback
●Multiple keyword search
●Archive videos that were released on the old NJPW WORLD.
※All the videos will be added by the end of 2024.
Thank you for watching [NJPW WORLD].

Information about the malfunctions being attended.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

Malfunctions as of November 17th, 2023.

<AndroidTV Fire TV App>
●When playing a video in the "New Arrivals" category, the loading indicator continues to appear in the center of the screen (fast forward and rewind are not possible).
●When playing the latest video in each series (the one displayed at the beginning of the series list), the loading indicator continues to appear in the center of the screen (fast forward and rewind are not possible).

Malfunctions as of November 9th, 2023.

●Changing email address by the customers.
※Please contact us from Help to change the email address.
●When using the free word search, you need to input more than 3 letters.
●When using the free word search, you are unable to put in multiple words.
●Customers who have continued subscription from the old [NJPW WORLD], when you visit [Settings]→[My Account]→[Manage Subcription], the price stated on the subscription fee is ¥1,298. The price on this screen will be charged at the next renewal of the Monthly Pass. After the renewal, before the first charge, if you do not cancel the Monthly Pass, you will be charged ¥1,298.

<iOS, iPad OS and Android mobile app>
●Unable to use offline playback.

<Android TV>
●In the menu of [Recently Watched], when you select video from [Episodes] or [Seasons] tab, an error will be shown or it will freeze on a black screen.
●Malfunction on the search screen.
・After inputting letters on the search bar and pressing enter, it will create a new line.
・After inputting letters on the search bar, pressed enter and created a new line, it migh search deleting the first line that you input. You must use the back button or the up cursor button.
・Inputt the letter in the search bar, confirm the autocorrect, press the OK button and press the up cursor button, the keybord screen will be shown and the OK button will be hidden.
・When a suggestions on the keybord(e.g. q quick...) is shown, you are unable to move the cursor to Cancel/OK button on the dialogue.

Reminder for Live streaming contents is not working.